Sharaku Kobayashi Ni

Sharaku Kobayashi's second album "Sharaku Kobayashi Ni" will be released on November 8th, 2017.


For several years, Kobayashi, who also goes by "Sharaku Kobayashi of FLOPPY" and "Sharaku of METRONOME", has been working on "Chiptunes", by creating music using vintage video game machines. This second album features a more precise implementation of his vision, compared to the first album, "Sharaku Kobayashi Ichi".


In addition to the inorganic and kitsch taste of the genre in general, Kobayashi's take features a strong, pushy rhythm and a sentimental vocal line. The end result is a unique chiptune album embedded with an overall sense of yearning.


His works often incorporate a Japanese taste, both in the music and his on-stage presence, allowing him to reach out to various scenes all over the world. He has twice performed at the "SQUARE SOUNDS" event, an international gathering of acclaimed chiptune artists.


Keep an eye on this approachable Japanese chiptune style!


- For a list of songs in the album and other details, please refer to the label catalog page.


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- On October 22nd, 2017, an in-store concert will be held from 3pm at the Disc Union Takadanobaba store, and a hand shake gathering (reservation required) will be held at 7pm in the Nakano store. Please contact Disc Union for more details.



2017年11月8日、Sharaku Kobayashiの2nd Album「Sharaku Kobayashi 弐」を発売します。


FLOPPYの小林写楽、またメトロノームのシャラクとして活躍する彼が、ビンテージゲーム機を音源として使いロービットでピコピコなサウンドを奏でるジャンル「チップチューン」に取り組んで早数年。デビュー作「Sharaku Kobayashi 壱」よりさらに精度を高めたアルバムを完成させました!




和のテイストを楽曲やステージングに取り入れ、世界中に点在するシーンにもアピール。内外の名だたるチップチューンアーティストが一堂に会するイベント「SQUARE SOUNDS」にも二度出演しています。